Virtual BDI - Week 3 

RACQ & Services Australia

Wednesday, 3 June 11:00am-12:00pm (AEST)

Greg Booker, RACQ

‘Living in an Exponential World’

Greg is a technology and business executive with 30 plus years of experience across multiple industries & numerous countries. A specialist in the integration of Technology & Business & the opportunities & challenges presented by emerging technologies & exponential change. In a broad ranging career spanning roles in Europe, USA, Asia & Australia Greg has had roles IBM, CSC, Westpac, ANZ, Standard Chartered, Woolwich, USBancorp, St George, Greg has gained experience across multiple compliance, risk & security regimes and been at the leading edge of technology change for 30 years.


A specialist in integrating the emerging digital, Automation & data analytics mediums into both the technology and business domains and ensuring Business and customer outcomes are the focus. 


Greg is also Chairman of the startup incubator Q Garage where the HUG Insurance product is currently being incubated.  Greg has a very strong Technology and Business background coupled with a detailed understanding of emerging technology models.  In 2016 Greg was awarded Australia’s CIO of the year in the Banking and Finance sector and in 2020 was awarded a top three result in the Australian CIO of the year.

Dennis Prior, Services Australia

'The Big World of Cyber Security’

Dennis has worked in cyber security for the Federal Government for the past 2 years & has witnessed firsthand the rapid growth & development of the cyber world.  He’ll be discussing the vast variety of jobs in cyber security & what you can do to develop your skills in this exciting & high demand industry.