Virtual BDI - Week 1 

Adobe | Technology One

Wednesday, 20 May 11:00am-12:00pm

Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe

‘Skills to Thrive in the Future’

To be competitive in the current and future world of work, it is important to develop a range of what are commonly referred to as ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills’. Most education systems are good at encouraging students to develop hard skills because they are easy to measure and test. In many cases this is at the detriment of so called ‘soft skills’ that are hard to measure yet so important in the workplace of today and tomorrow, especially in the light of all the COVID-19 disruptions. Both LinkedIn/Microsoft and the World Economic Forum have released some interesting research that rates the most important skills required to thrive in the future and they are anything but ‘soft’. During this presentation, Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will share his thoughts on this topic following his nearly 30 years as an educator and currently as Adobe’s Senior Education specialist for Asia Pacific.

Genevieve Ash, Technology One

'New School Cool : The Fun & Creative Side of Working For A Tech Firm'

Genevieve is a Graduate Business Analyst within TechnologyOne’s Software as a Service team. She is passionate about using technology to simplify & solve complex business problems. On any given day, her work can range from deep business process maps to User Experience design.

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