Virtual BiG Day In Wangaratta

Wednesday, 26 August 9:15am-11:30am (AEST)

Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe

To be competitive in the current and future world of work, it is important to develop a range of what are commonly referred to as ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills’. Most education systems are good at encouraging students to develop hard skills because they are easy to measure and test. In many cases this is at the detriment of so called ‘soft skills’ that are hard to measure yet so important in the workplace of today and tomorrow, especially in the light of all the COVID-19 disruptions. Both LinkedIn/Microsoft and the World Economic Forum have released some interesting research that rates the most important skills required to thrive in the future and they are anything but ‘soft’. During this presentation, Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will share his thoughts on this topic following his nearly 30 years as an educator and currently as Adobe’s Senior Education specialist for Asia Pacific.

Krista Jordan, Australian Film, TV & Radio School

Krista has over 20 years professional industry experience in creative & commercial film making, animation & visual effects. Her professional film credits include The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Moulin Rouge & the Academy Award-winning Happy Feet. Currently Head of Animation at AFTRS, Australia’s premiere screen content & radio school, she champions the technological creativity & collaborations that bring amazing stories to audiences all over Australia & the world.

Mike Gardiner, Buzzy Games

Mike is on a mission to get 100M Students collaborating and creating their own games by 2025.
He is the Founder of Buzzy Games and an advocate for accessible STEM education for K-12 students. Coding games since the age of 12, at 21 he founded his first software development company and since then has led the development of over 50+ applications & 20+ games


At Buzzy Games Mike leads a development, design and coaching team that helps Teachers and students use game design projects and online tools to have fun while building critical future skills.

Calvin Davidson, Microsoft

Calvin is a Technology Specialist at Microsoft in the Education sector, but his path here has been anything but straight-forward.  Prior to this he has worked in marketing, engineering, music, film, tutoring, retail, and hospitality.  Come along to hear about his journey into the tech industry, thoughts on the differences and similarities between the arts and sciences, and observations on future industry trends.

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