Virtual BiG Day In Parramatta Day 2

Thursday 7 October 2021, 10:00am-12:00pm (AEST)
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Darren & Clinton, Woolworths

'Digitally Enabled, Naturally Sustainable'

Darren Rowan, Head of IT, Store Digital, Woolworths Group

Darren is a strategic & visionary technology leader with 25+ years retail experience, delivery next-generation technology roadmaps & service delivery plans support a Board’s vision & goals.  His retail exposure gives him added knowledge of consumer behaviour. 

Clinton Greer, Head of Information Management, Woolworths Group

Clinton started at Woolworths Group in 2004 and has worked across the business in a variety of technology roles: initially as an analyst and developer working with buying teams; transforming the way Woolworths delivers technology change across stores, distribution centres and offices as the Head of IT Delivery, and most recently leading the technology team to separate Endeavour Group as a stand-alone business.  Clinton is responsible today for the data platform that enables business insights, analytics and machine learning for Woolworths teams.  His team designed, built and continues to evolve the Woolworths cloud data platform that helps group make smarter, more sustainable decisions every day - helping make Woolworths a great place to shop and work.

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Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe

'Skills Required to Thrive in the Future'

Technology changes are disrupting many of the traditional job markets as well as creating whole new areas of work. What skills will be required to thrive in this exciting and ever-changing future? During this presentation, Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will share his thoughts on this topic following his over 20 years of experience as an educator and over 8 years as Adobe’s Senior Education specialist for Asia Pacific


Adara & Matthew, Westpac

'Robotics and Cyber, the coolest jobs in tech'

Adara is a security awareness and education manager, with an extensive background in digital technologies at Westpac. Adara is interested in the human element of security, promoting, and shaping a proactive cyber security culture, and influencing cyber safety behaviours. She is passionate about helping Westpac customers and employees stay safe from scams, fraud, and cyber-attacks. As well as influencing positive changes in online behaviours and digital culture both at work and at home, ultimately helping to solve human problems.”

Matt is a Robotics & Automation Developer at Westpac having joined through the Group Technology Graduate Program in 2019. During his time in Robotics, he has automated processes for COVID relief packages, mortgage applications, legal compliance, call centre voice recording analysis, and pizza delivery - yes you heard me right! Through the use of intelligent automation tools, Matt will show you the power of harnessing cutting-edge technology to drive better outcomes for Westpac's customers. He might even show you how to automate your homework!

IT professionals are transforming the world where your work can be completed faster and more accurately. Technology is expanding its reach over our daily lives and is a necessary part of life in modern society and the cybersecurity and Robotics industries needs skilled professionals now more than ever.

Come along to hear how we harness the power of cybersecurity and automation to transform the way work and protect our customers from modern day threats."

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Caitlyn & Wade, DFR

Corporal Caitlyn Elleray, Australian Regular Army, Intelligence Analyst. As an intelligence analyst I receive information, analyse it and make an assessment. I then give my assessment to my Commander in order to influence them to make a decision. Intelligence Analysts are highly trained and can specialise into numerous different disciplines throughout our careers. We have an interest in world events as well as being able to communicate via numerous means. No day is the same as another and the role is always evolving / changing to meet the ever evolving world and the IT infrastructure.

Corporal Wade Roberts, Royal Australian Air Force, Aircraft Technician. As an Aircraft Technician I am responsible for the on-going maintenance of aircraft, airframe systems, engines and engine systems at either flight line or workshop level. I have worked on multiple aircraft in my career, that include, C130-J Hercules, AP-3C Orion, F/A-18 Hornet and the new F-35A Lightning II.

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